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Partnering With Set Apart International

The Set Apart International mentorship program has been funded by the visionary and her husband from its inception thereby limiting the extent of the organization’s outreach and program implementation. To enable Set Apart International to reach its desired groups across Zambia and the region there is need for support in the following areas;

  • Budgetary support for annual conferences which are attended free of charge by both young men and women. Expenses include purchasing and printing t-shirts for the participants, advertising, venue hire, travel and accommodation for guest speakers.
  • Identification and rental costs for office premises which will also house a counselling, drop-in and call-in center as well as administration offices with the option of purchasing such a property.
  • Procurement of office furniture, equipment and fittings.
  • Procurement of land to construct a camping facility to run mentorship programs, leadership camp meetings, team building and discipleship. The facility can also be rented out to other organisations to create revenue for Set Apart.

Programs and Training

Mentorship is the backbone  of Set Apart  International.  Classes  are attended  free of charge and held once a month in the various towns.  Mentorship  is based on “The Seven Pillars”,  these provide stability, growth and direction  in an individual’s  life. The seven pillars are; Purpose,  People,  Place,  Performance,  Process,  Prayer & Power.

Set Apart International also runs a training  program which  equips  mentors and community leaders to effectively  take up the task of assisting  other young people to identify their God given potential  and walk in it.

We believe that when any person discovers their potential they are not easily deterred and they become agents of positive change wherever  they are found.

Set Apart International is a non-governmental organisation that has been working with young people across Zambia since 2011. The numbers of young people reached have grown over the years from just one girl in Lusaka to reaching thousands of young people across the nation. A total of over 600 young ladies and over 400 young men are consistently attending monthly mentorship classes across the different towns.

Set Apart International is now running monthly mentorship classes in Lusaka, Ndola, Kitwe, Kabwe and Chisamba. We have recently partnered with the Ministry of Health (MOH) along with other consultants to address critical barriers to reducing new HIV infections in Zambian Adolescents

We aim to achieve growth by;

1. Ensuring that every young person has access to godly mentorship through our outreach and expansion programs to every province in Zambia before we reach the rest of the continent and the world at large.
2. Equipping the existing Set Apart members to reach out to their peers and become
agents of positive change.
3. Making use of the media and internet to reach young people in the most effective way possible.
Membership to Set Apart International is free of charge so that no one is hindered from participating.


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Set Apart  International  Annual leadership  camp meetings  are attended  by 200 youth leaders which include Set Apart mentees.  The camp is graced by sound,  established and renounced  speakers  and our program  includes  biblical teaching,  skill development,  leadership  training  and team building.  Sadly the attendance  numbers are limited by the size of camping  facilities that are currently  available  to us.

Set Apart  International  hosts a conference  every year in October  since 2012 which is attended  by a growing  number of young men and women  from across Zambia and the region.

The annual conference  facilitates  a platform  upon which Set Apart can bring a large number of young people together  to expose them to the value of godly mentor ship  and living a “set apart” life. The conference  program  includes biblical teaching,  dance,  drama,  a talk show and testimonies  from those whose  lives have been greatly impacted  by following  the Set Apart program. The conference  attendees are integrated  into various  mentorship  programs  and constant  follow-ups  are carried out

In line with our core activities,  Set Apart International  participates  in community  outreach projects which also give the Set Apart mentees  an awareness  to the responsibility they have to become agents of positive change.
Since 2012 Set Apart International has made orphanage  visits and offered various forms of support,   reaching  out to disadvantaged  families  in the communities  that they live in or are exposed to, clean up exercises  as well as “random  acts of kindness”  specifically  designed  to make them deliberate  about making a positive  impact as a way of live wherever  they are.

Set Apart  International  is involved  in school outreach  program that enables  us to reach youth in their formative  years. The outreach  program  is appealing  to young people as they are taught on overcoming  peer pressure,   living a pure life and pur• pose through  music,  poetry,  dance,  drama and biblical teaching.   Set Apart mentees share their testimonies  and personal journeys  on how they have overcome  spiritual, social and economic  limitations.

Set Apart is launching  an abstinence  campaign  which we have dubbed “Abstinence

is my personal  choice because the condom  cannot  protect my destiny”   our aim is to equip the youth to take ownership  of their wellbeing  and expose them to the damage that takes place in their lives when they indulge in premarital  sex