Partnering With Set Apart International

Set Apart International was birthed at the end of 2011 in Lusaka, Zambia. The visionary was mentoring 1   girl at the time and the group has now grown to a committed membership of 500 young women and 150 young men in Lusaka, 60 young women and 20 young men in Kabwe, 50 young women and 20 young men and in Ndola, 15 young men and 60 young women in Kitwe, 74 young women and 53 young men in Chisamba. Our 2018 Annual Conference attracted over 5000 young men and women from across Zambia. Our ultimate goal is to foster generational change by reaching one person at a time

Set Apart International attracts young men and women mostly aged between 16 to 30 years of age. These are made up of scholars, school leavers, university and college students, young professionals, young entrepreneurs and young artists.

Set Apart International is conducting monthly mentorship classes in the towns below;

  1. Lusaka
  2. Ndola
  3. Kitwe
  4. Chisamba
  5. Kabwe
  6. Chipata
  7. Livingstone

If you would like to get connected to a mentorship program near you please call the Set Apart Head Office on +260 963 040 723 or email

These classes are held in a fun and friendly environment allowing  young people to interact with each other and with their mentors. This gives them a safe space as well as an opportunity to discuss and ask questions around very difficult and personal subjects that they would not otherwise ask.

We aim to achieve growth by;

1. Ensuring that every young person has access to godly mentorship through our outreach and expansion programs to every province in Zambia before we reach the rest of the continent and the world at large.
2. Equipping the existing Set Apart members to reach out to their peers and become
agents of positive change.
3. Making use of the media and internet to reach young people in the most effective way possible.

4. Equipping mentors who train other young people the art of mentorship

Membership to Set Apart International is free of charge so that no one is hindered from participating.